Macarons – perfect for any occasion

Macarons – perfect for any occasion

Macarons are always a pleasure to eat. Macarons are crispy on the outside and soft inside and they melt easily in the mouth. Macarons can have many different kinds of flavor fillings – such as ganache, black currant, lemon and many more. It´s only you imagination that sets the limits.

Macarons are easy to recognize by their characteristic, slightly curved and smooth top, the countless beautiful colors and of course the characteristic cracked edge at the bottom of the macaron.

Macarons must be stored in the fridge, as the filling contains cream. You must take the macarons out of the fridge min. 1 hour before they are to be enjoyed, so the Macarons becomes nicely soft.

You can easily serve these exclusive Macarons for a wedding, a baby shower, a company party, a reception, or on other festive occasions. Here´s the best Recipe:

65 grams of almond flour – 65 grams of icing sugar – 25 + 25 grams of egg whites (from fresh eggs) – 65 grams of sugar – 50 grams of water – Paste color

Powdered sugar and almond flour are sifted and mixed with 25 grams of egg whites.
Sugar and water are boiled to 118 degree celsius –
25 grams of egg whites are whipped completely stiff.
The sugar mass is poured into the whites while whipping, whip for 5 min.
Gradually mix the egg white mass into the almond flour / icing sugar mass.
Put Paste color in and turn it all carefully until it becomes a tough mass.
Macarons are sprayed out.
Gently tap the plate into the table a few (5) times and let them rest and dry for 30-45 min.
Bake in the bottom of the oven for 15 min. at 130 degree celsius


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